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Here's a bit of information about me.

I grew up in Paris before moving to Amsterdam.

I love graphic design and painting.

Long time ago, I played in a band,

but I ended airbrushing more guitars than I was playing them.

I have worked for big agencies and small agencies. 

Did work for international big brands and local small brands.

Making things simple and comprehensible is what really drives

me in communication. I love it when an idea gets noticed and really does the work it was ment to.

All the work listed on my site has won one or more awards, national or international.

I don't mention it because this site is about my work, not my awards.

I am really an all rounder who loves to work in different combinations with all kinds

of people in different disciplines.

You can always give me a call, even only for coffee.

I like to meet new people.


Besides communication and design I really love motorcycling,

vinyl and cooking.

As a French guy, I think good food is one of the most important things to happiness!

Below you can read about one of my favourite dishes.

This is really going to make you happy!

You can contact me at

or call me: +31(0)681424252


Take an aluminium drip tray. Make some holes in it.

Fill it with pine tree needles.

Put the mussels on top of it aligned in nice rows next to each other

with their "butt" in the air.

Put the plate on the grill right above the fire or the charcoals.

When the first needles catch fire, let them burn for a little while.

Cover them up with another aluminium drip tray to steam the mussels.

After a few minutes, sprinkle some raspberry vinegar over it.

let them steam for 5 till 8 minutes or untill all the mussels are open.

The smell from now on will be amazing.

Throw away the mussels that are still closed.

Put on the table and start enjoying it.

Serve a good dry white wine or a dry rosè.

This will be one of the most amazing things you'll eat this summer.

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